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Our Mission

Connections 4 Success is dedicated to providing individualized solutions for our nation’s businesses, nonprofits, and the public sector to increase their profitability, performance, productivity, efficiency, as well as, accountability. Our agency becomes an integral partner bringing knowledge, creativity, energy, and passion to maximize your results!


Our Core Values

    Offering the highest quality services to produce positive results
    Centralizing our service focus and recommendations to meet our clientele’s needs and goals
    Providing solutions that optimize processes, advancements, and innovation
    Listening and communicating clearly to maximize customers’ trust and satisfaction
    Providing energy, passion, honesty, and expertise to drive results


Why Connections 4 Success?

Connections 4 Success provides a personable and energetic partnership. Our services are always centered on the needs of our clients, their advancement goals, skills training, and workforce development needs! We determine the best services to deliver quality solutions for your business by:

  • Listening
  • Asking Questions
  • Observing Current Processes

We also provide multiple business evaluation processes to determine your vital needs and solutions to ACCELERATE SUCCESSTM with:

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Evaluations
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Risk Assessments
  • Connections 4 Success's 4-step SORTA Evaluation Process

Meet Vanessa

President & Founder


Vanessa Dodds is a business strategy, professional development, and workplace culture expert with over a decade’s expertise and experience across the small business, public sector, and nonprofit industries. She is an accomplished leader, business professional, educator, and entrepreneur with experience working on projects with over $4.5 million dollars valuation, driving extraordinary business growth of over 200%, and providing business realignment that maximizes productivity and cost overage reduction.

Vanessa is honored to have been entrusted as the District 7300 Rotary E-Club president for two consecutive terms, as well as, being a Paul Harris award honoree. She has had the distinct pleasure of being the committee chair and speaker for the 2018 Leadership and Ethics Symposium. She and Connections 4 Success were a Pittsburgh Business Choice Award nominee. Vanessa also enjoyed her time, in 2017, as the Rotary Club of Pittsburgh’s Interact Program Chair.

If you ask Vanessa over 20-years ago what her career pathway would have been, she would have said an educator, professional development expert, and community partnership advocate. Due to great opportunities, Vanessa’s career pivoted into one of strategy, leadership, business expansion, and workforce skills training. All of these experiences have allowed Vanessa to gain great experience, knowledge, and diversification in how to improve company and organization’s business models, efficiency and productivity, accountability, and business culture.

Vanessa’s experience and expertise across multiple industries are what makes her methods, knowledge, and insights so valuable for Connections 4 Success’ ability to optimize business leadership, increase organizational revenue and funding, employee performance, innovation, and accountability. She leads Connections 4 Success in providing customized solutions and services for our nation’s AEC industry, nonprofits, and the public sector to accelerate their success.

We are ready to help grow and enhance your business today!

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Vanessa Dodds

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