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The Ward House


The Ward Home, a 501 c3, is the premier provider of independent living programs for at-risk foster teens and young adults, ranging in age from 16 to 21, in southwestern PA. The mission of the Ward Home is to train at-risk young adults in practical life skills in safe, nurturing environments to allow for them to gain independence, the opportunity to gain employment, and become contributing members of the community.



In January 2017, the Ward Home hired a new executive director. Six months into his term, he had decided to seek a consultant to conduct a risk analysis. The primary purpose for the Ward Home’s risk assessment was to review their Supervised Independent Living (SIL) program’s, staff’s, and participant’s adherence to and awareness of all regulations, policies, and procedures for: the Facility; Personnel & Training, Financials; Communications; Admissions, Placements, & Services; Care; Records; and Incident Reporting. A secondary focus for the risk assessment analysis was to ensure all youth, across each of the Ward Home SIL facilities, are receiving equal care, rights, and communications from the program supervisors, caretakers, and staff.



Connections 4 Success conducted a quantitative and qualitative risk assessment analysis of the Ward Home’s SIL program and facilities. A preliminary meeting was scheduled in December 2017 with the executive team to map out the primary objectives for the risk assessment, as well as, to obtain the program’s required state facility and operation regulations, policies, and procedures. The risk assessment was conducted in two phases, an electronic quantitative survey analysis, and qualitative interview session. Connections 4 Success’ final risk assessment report identified the areas of high risk, concern, and compliance. Recommendations for remediation and resolution were presented to the executive director and the SIL director, with a six-month follow-up evaluation scheduled to monitor the resolution progress.


Connections 4 Success Services Used:

  • Risk Assessment Analysis
  • Operational Reporting



The Ward Home’s SIL Program facilities and operations will have the opportunity to be functioning in compliance with all regulations, policies, and high-quality consistency of care procedures by fourth quarter 2018, increasing their funding opportunities and programmatic offerings.


The assessment was done professionally and in a manner that made it easy for all the staff and teens to respond in an open and honest way. The final report was completed in a quality manner and easy to understand. I would recommend Vanessa and Connections for 4 Success L.L.C. for risk assessments and other related projects. – Bill Wolfe, Executive Director, The Ward Home


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