The Lingering Partial Government Shutdown Causes Concern for Local Nonprofit Charitable Giving | Connections 4 Success

The Lingering Partial Government Shutdown Causes Concern for Local Nonprofit Charitable Giving and Financial Sustainability for 2019

In 2018, the nonprofit sector in the region saw over an 11%increase in funding contributions from 2017 during the Give Big Pittsburgh campaign. Experts attribute this increase to 2018’s tax laws, technology, and social impact awareness. But this good news may have an unhappy twist.

With the partial government shutdown lingering well into 2019,  7,000 local employees losing a second paycheck, philanthropic contributions are guaranteed to take a hit even when retroactive pay is issued. Many local businesses and individuals will shift their focus toward financial stability.

“The immediate financial uncertainty with the government’s budget impasse and eventual budget allocations will have a certain domino effect not only for federal employees but also for businesses doing contract work for the government.  This will likely result in potential decreased charitable giving for 2019. It is my goal, as a nonprofit business consultant, to help nonprofits within our region be prepared for these adverse effects and to give them the tools to circumvent instability for 2019.”

–Vanessa Dodds, President of Connections 4 Success and Nonprofit Academy Presenter/Instructor

Connections 4 Success is a woman-owned business development and consulting agency, providing business strategies, organizational training programs and workforce development solutions for today’s growing industries, trades, nonprofit, and public sectors.

Vanessa Dodds is the president of Connections 4 Success,  a nonprofit and business consulting firm located in Pittsburgh, PA. The firm helps non profit agencies implement growth strategies for long-term sustainability and innovation. Nonprofit Academy offers important need-to-know tips and solutions on how nonprofits can avoid a decrease in funding contributions and lack of sustainability.  

Ms. Dodds can be reached for interview at: or (724) 664-9752.