Eric Pensenstadler | Connections 4 Success

Eric Pensenstadler

When I first got the idea to create a national association I had no idea what I was getting myself into! I quickly realized that I had a lot to learn, and not much time to do it! The guidance and advice from Vanessa Dodds of Connections 4 Success proved to be invaluable!

I was already working with a business attorney getting the non-profit registered, but Vanessa was able to come in and seamlessly integrate in with what we already had in place. What’s best is that Vanessa welcomed (and encouraged) the attorney’s input and expertise, even to the point of meeting with her separately outside of our meetings.

Vanessa is incredibly responsive, answering emails quickly and thoroughly. Vanessa has a spark about her that makes her enthusiasm and passion contagious! Working with Vanessa as our non-profit consultant has sped up our association’s launch time and helped save us money by preparing the business plan and many other documents.

Whether you’re starting up a new non-profit or association, or you’re new to the executive team, or your association just needs to get back on track, Vanessa and Connections 4 Success is a must-have addition to your team!”