Bill Wolfe | Connections 4 Success

Bill Wolfe

In December 2017, Ward Home retained Vanessa S. Dodds M.Ed and Connections 4 Success L.L.C to conduct a risk assessment of our Supervised Independent Living Program for foster youth. After an initial meeting to explain our goals and desired outcomes to Vanessa she submitted a very thorough proposal that showed she researched Ward Home and independent living programs for foster youth in great detail.
During the risk assessment Vanessa kept both the Executive Director and Program Director updated on a regular basis. When unsure on a subject she asked for clarification rather than guessing. The assessment was done professionally and in a manner that made it easy and comfortable for all the staff and teens to respond in an open and honest way.
The final report was completed in a quality manner and easy to understand. It included both the identified risk and recommendations on how to reduce the risk.
I would recommend Vanessa and Connections for 4 Success L.L.C. for risk assessments and other related projects.