Connections 4 Success has numerous satisfied clients some of which have been gracious enough to share there testimonials below.

Vanessa is one of the most thorough, structured, and decisive professionals that we’ve ever partnered with at Steel Smiling. Without her strategic guidance, our operational infrastructure wouldn’t be nearly as strong as it is today. If you’re looking to build processes and procedures that will take your organization to the next level, hire Connections 4 Success right now.

- Julius Boatwright, Founding CEO, Steel Smiling
Pittsburgh, PA

On behalf of the team at Davis Consulting Solutions (DCS), I would like to thank you Connections 4 Success for assisting with the Community2work (C2W)® program processes and strategic plan. Several DCS team members have expressed how much clearer their individual roles are as well as the C2W operational processes.

As president and CEO, I was particularly pleased to work with another woman owned enterprise (WBE) that aligns with our mission statement concerning small businesses and talent management. The completion of a solid plan for both the C2W program and its future strategic goals positions Davis Consulting Solutions to focus on execution.

- Danielle Davis, President and CEO, Davis Consulting Solutions
Pittsburgh, PA

I brought Vanessa in because I needed an outside person to come in with an unbiased opinion to analyze and evaluate what we could do better. Her outside business expertise gave us a fresh look at how we could do things because we’re looking for National growth over the next 10 years so we’re trying to get all of our processes and procedures down right now. Vanessa is very organized I think she brings in the expertise to analyze that most owners and managers don’t think of in a company, which was huge.

- James Mauler, Chief Executive Officer, Cadnetics
Pittsburgh, PA

Working with Vanessa has been great. She really meets you at your level, and takes time to analyze each component of your business. Vanessa has helped us to better visualize and understand our company’s growth goals, and to develop a strategic plan to accomplish those goals.

I feel confident that with Vanessa’s help, our company is ready to move on to the next level of growth. I recommend Vanessa and Connections 4 Success to all of my business colleagues, regardless of their profession. Any business owner would benefit from her services. She will help you take a look at your business and strategically analyze the inner workings of it to help you grow and succeed.

- Shana Roudebush, Co-Owner & Production Coordinator, Pixelab Studios
Pittsburgh, PA

If you are a business owner really needing someone to help you better understand the inner workings of your company, to help prepare your business for growth, or even to help you get to that next level of reaching your goals I highly recommend Vanessa and Connections 4 Success.

- Stacey Barlow-Hill, Chief Executive Officer, Encore Event Design
Pittsburgh, PA

In December 2017, Ward Home retained Vanessa S. Dodds M.Ed and Connections 4 Success L.L.C to conduct a risk assessment of our Supervised Independent Living Program for foster youth. After an initial meeting to explain our goals and desired outcomes to Vanessa she submitted a very thorough proposal that showed she researched Ward Home and independent living programs for foster youth in great detail.
During the risk assessment Vanessa kept both the Executive Director and Program Director updated on a regular basis. When unsure on a subject she asked for clarification rather than guessing. The assessment was done professionally and in a manner that made it easy and comfortable for all the staff and teens to respond in an open and honest way.
The final report was completed in a quality manner and easy to understand. It included both the identified risk and recommendations on how to reduce the risk.
I would recommend Vanessa and Connections for 4 Success L.L.C. for risk assessments and other related projects.

- Bill Wolfe, Executive Director, Ward Home
Pittsburgh, PA

I’m writing this recommendation to convey our gratitude to Vanessa for her professional services to our company. Vanessa’s report on the qualitative and quantitative analyses of our employees functioning was very helpful. Her suggestions and solutions to make our organization better were most helpful. I’m glad we met and look forward to utilizing Connections 4 Success’ services again. I would recommend Vanessa and Connections 4 Success to any business that needs objective and subjective data to learn about the culture and operations of their organization.

- William Pecora, President, Excel Glass & Granite
Jeanette, PA

I recently worked with Vanessa to create an onboarding and training curriculum for new staff. This was an area of frustration for me in the past given the amount of time it would take away from my day-to-day activities. Vanessa was able to create a curriculum that conveys clearly the message I want each staff member to communicate. Vanessa addressed every aspect that I believe was needed to help the staff provide an exceptional client experience. I am so pleased and happy with the end product!

- Melanie Colusci, President, Bridger Financial Group
Pittsburgh, PA

Working with Vanessa is an absolute pleasure! Our business has been greatly impacted by her dedication to bringing our vision to fruition. She is a delight to work with, and we have greatly appreciated her laser focus and commitment to us as her clients.

- Kiersten Ferno, Owner, Soothe the Sole
Pittsburgh, PA

Working with Vanessa has been easy and enjoyable. She is very professional in that she is accountable, reliable, punctual, and has integrity. In addition, she is personable. Her energy and enthusiasm is consistent and positive. She is a good listener organizing her ideas based on our conversations, applying the elements that are important to me thus moving the project forward with ease and accuracy. Our working relationship has been advantageous and gratifying.

- Kathleen Ferno, owner/teacher, The Children's House of Oakmont, Inc
Pittsburgh, PA
The Children's House of Oakmont