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Strategies to Accelerate success in 2018

As business leaders, we are always looking for ways to accelerate success, increase our business’s competitive advantage, be innovative in accordance to technological trends, maintain employee satisfaction and company culture, retain qualified employees, hire skilled workers, and increase profits all while trying to maintain our sanity. To say leaders multitask is an understatement.

Here at Connections 4 Success, we work with business executives and leaders primarily in the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) industry, public sector, and nonprofits whose mission focuses on workforce development and sustainable lifestyle opportunities. Surprisingly, we find the same pain points occurring across each of these industries. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Problems with Business Alignment
  • Strategic plans without Tracking Metrics and Benchmarks for goal attainment
  • Project and Program Time constraints
  • Government and Funding Regulations
  • Struggling to Maximize Resources
  • Unclear Goals and Insufficient Communication
  • Labor Shortages and Turnovers
  • Working within Tight Budget Parameters

The secret to achieving success is not really a secret at all, but rather a proactive and consistent habit of business awareness, research, accountability, professional development for growth. To help leaders be proactive in monitoring their business, we evaluate seven elements of their businesses and organizations with our Connectivity 360 Process and evaluation services. In today’s blog, we are sharing Connections 4 Success’ Connectivity 360 Process Checklist to help leaders stay proactive in monitoring the fundamental areas of your business, enabling you to have success and sustainability.

In order to proactively use this checklist, without adding to your evergrowing “to-do” list, stop now and delegate the monthly accountability tracking, business status updates, and progress reporting responsibilities to designated foremen, department directors, and management, as well as, block of time for a bi-weekly or monthly management meetings solely for the purpose of reviewing business progress updates and monitoring. This is the first step to consistently improving your business’s and organization’s opportunity for continued success and growth.

The Connectivity 360 Process Checklist is a tool designed to help increase profits, performance, productivity, efficiency, and accountability, as well as, improve internal communication. This checklist allows leaders to maintain complete awareness of your businesses’ and organizations’:

  • KPI’s and Business Metrics
  • Business Alignment
  • Operational Processes and Efficiency
  • Accountability of Quality Outputs, Budgets, and Timeframes
  • Attainment of Strategic Goals
  • Adherence to Regulatory Procedures
  • Capability to Re-allocate Tasks to maximize operational resources
  • Communication
  • Hiring and Skills Training

Connectivity 360 Process Checklist & Summary

🔲  Business Assessment and Data Analysis providing leaders with necessary business snapshot, KPI’s and business metrics to monitor business growth, goals, and marketing data. Capterra provides an annual listing of the top rated KPI metric databases and CRM software for tracking business analytics.  

🔲  Business Alignment is an essential element for success. Business alignment is when there is consistency in a business’s mission, core values, brand identity, business model, product and services, organizational structure, and operational processes. Only when a company obtains business alignment across these seven operational components can they experience sustainable strategic success.

🔲  Accountability is the delegation of task assignments to specific employees responsible for progressing the businesses and organizations towards their strategic, profit, and performance goals. Benchmarks are allocated timeframes and performance percentages attached to the accountability task to ensure goals are met in a timely manner.

🔲  Process is the clear operational structure of tasks and method for business outputs aligned to the mission, core values, products/services, and business model. A business’s process is defined as standard operating procedures (SOP’s) for the purpose of eliminating duplication of employees tasks, increasing efficiency, distributing tasks to employees by professional skill, and to streamline production or design of products and services for maximized efficiency. Re-evaluate your business process continually due to the continuum of employee promotions and turnovers.

🔲  Strategy is the plan of action in which goals and objectives are set to increase profits, performance, innovation, industry alignment, competitive advantage, and business. advancements for sustainability. This strategic plan is the method in which leaders enhance the current business model and processes to obtain these goals. This is why Connections 4 Success has designed the Connectivity 360 Process with the development of strategy after your current business process.

🔲  Professional Development is the investment into your employees to enhance their skills and workforce capabilities to meet your business’s, organization’s, and industry demand.

🔲  Onboarding Strategy and the Pipeline of Skilled Workers – An onboarding strategy is a consistent method for hiring, training, and integrating new employees onto your team. Consistency and thoroughness increases an employee’s contribution to your team dramatically by reducing uncertainties of their roles & responsibilities, company mission, core values, and processes.  Pipeline of Skilled Workers allows for business and organizations to be proactive in reducing the skills gap by taking a proactive approach to forming collaborations and affiliations with colleges/universities, training facilities, and community agencies.

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