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Speaking Engagement:

Critical Leadership Mistakes

Are you a great leader? Are you providing strategic direction for sustainability, managing your team effectively, ensuring your business has a competitive business model, and obtaining annual goals?

If you were unsure of how to answer these question, or the answer was NO then Connections 4 Success’ “Critical Leadership Mistakes” seminar is for you!

Vanessa focuses on common critical leadership mistakes every leader faces throughout their careers. She shares valuable tips on how to not only learn from but to overcome these mistakes for a sustainable business and future.

Here are few of the critical leadership mistakes Vanessa discusses:

  • Hiring Mistakes
  • Succession Nightmares
  • Personality Conflicts and Lack of Communication
  • Accountability Errors
  • Misaligned Roles & Responsibilities

Catastrophic Accountability and Management Mistakes for the AEC Industry

Is your AEC business losing money, missing deadlines, or inaccurately bidding a project’s scope of work? It is time to STOP the inefficiency and start implementing accountability and proper project management protocols! Vanessa understands the “outside” pressure and competitiveness of consistently looking for bid opportunities, submitting the right proposal with the best scope of work and costs, as well as, ensuring others understand why your services are the best option for the job. This is why during the “Catastrophic Accountability and Management Mistakes for the AEC Industry” seminar, Vanessa focuses on how to maintain a productive and efficient “in-house” operation. Here are just a few of the topics Vanessa discusses:

  • Implementing the RIGHT accountability measures
  • Operating with CLEAR Standard Operating Procedures
  • Training and Promoting SKILLED Management and Workers

Detrimental Strategic Planning Errors

Knowledge before action is key! If you are a business owner embarking on a strategic planning phase without understanding your business’s strengths, unique business process, fiscal feasibility, stakeholder needs, and industry trends your goal attainment and business sustainability is going to be one “rocky road.” Don’t fall into the common pitfall of designing a strategic plan only to have it result in unobtained goals. Be prepared and clear on your vision of how to go from “Point A” to “Point B” successfully. During this seminar Vanessa shares these high-level tips:

  • How to evaluate your current state of business before planning for growth
  • Maintain forward-thinking and an awareness of industry trends
  • Implementing the correct benchmarks and tracking them towards your business goals
  • Aligning products and services to your company mission and strengths

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