Speaking Engagements

The president of Connections 4 Success, Vanessa Dodds, is a sought-after speaker with experience presenting at trade shows, conferences, and workshops. Her dynamic and interactive teaching style keeps attendees interested and engaged.

Listed below are a few examples of topics which highlight Vanessa’s expertise. Presentations can be customized to best serve your event or organization. Contact Connections 4 Success today to book Vanessa Dodds as a speaker for your function.

Critical Leadership Mistakes

While it may be true that we all sometimes make mistakes, those in a leadership role know that their mistakes affect an entire organization.

If you want to avoid the types of mistakes that affect your team, goals, and sustainability, then this seminar is for you.

Vanessa focuses on common critical leadership mistakes every leader faces throughout their careers. This seminar also provides valuable tips on how to learn from and overcome these mistakes so you can avoid them in the future. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to create a sustainable business and future.

Here are a few of the critical leadership mistakes Vanessa discusses:

  • Hiring mistakes
  • Succession nightmares
  • Personality conflicts and lack of communication
  • Accountability errors
  • Misaligned roles and responsibilities
Matthew Kaufman, CPSM Marketing Director, Atlantic Engineering Services

The 4 P’s that Impact Profit: Effectively Monitoring KPI’s

When you find yourself worrying about the profitability of your company, ask yourself these four questions:

  • Are your employees producing in a way that drives results?
  • Is your company’s product relevant to industry needs and trends?
  • Are you guaranteeing your business process works?
  • Would your organization benefit from increased productivity?

The answers to these questions can be found by analyzing your Key Performance Indicators for people, products, processes, and productivity. This training offers valuable insights on what KPI’s to be monitoring and in which business assets to be investing. These simple adjustments will increase profits.

During the workshop, we’ll discuss:

  • Turning KPI data into growth benchmarks for sustainability
  • Proactivity and adaptability with monthly monitoring strategies
  • Improved relevance of products and services to trends and clientele needs
  • Increased communication and collaboration for workflow and innovation
  • Accountability strategies to increase personnel responsibilities and results

Recruit, Retain, and Reinvigorate a Talented Workforce

Are there currently open positions in your organization? This conversation is for you if you struggle to maintain a workforce or don’t have enough leaders to manage that workforce.

Your workforce is your most powerful resource when it comes to meeting consumer needs and industry demands. You need to know how to quickly fill vacant positions with qualified and quality workers and understand what it takes to make them stay with your organization. Being able to create a continual pipeline of talent will help in filling vacant roles. Inevitably, some vacancies will occur, which is why we’ll also discuss how to maintain operations when that happens.

After this discussion, you’ll leave with tips on how to:

  • Realign leadership, management, and employee’s roles and responsibilities
  • Leverage agreements with community partners to recruit a pipeline of skilled workers
  • Utilize technology integration to streamline workflows during labor shortages
  • Reduce employee turnover rates
Megan White VP / Corporate Banker, First Commonwealth Bank
Non-Profit Academy

Evaluate and Manage Resources

A good leader knows that it’s beneficial to evaluate the resources available and manage those resources properly. This training focuses on key resources – people, finances, developmental tools, and technology. Within this workshop, we’ll also spend time identifying the required skills and styles of leadership and management necessary to keep your organization innovative, current with industry trends, and capable of meeting goals.

Are your resources working to your organization’s advantage? Are they worth investing in? How can they be used to best provide quality and profitability?

In this seminar, we’ll be presenting solutions to these questions and providing tips on:

  • Managing your budget and fiscal operations for operational sustainability
  • Streamlining personnel roles and operational processes for efficiency and productivity
  • Investing in quality tools and professional development to maintain quality products and services
  • Cultivating innovation with technology advancements to remain competitive

Regulations, Policies, and Laws

Your organization’s operations and long-term impact on the end consumer will always be affected by regulations, policies, and laws. They are constantly being modified or realigned to best reflect the current trends, technologies, and needs. These ever-changing guidelines can sometimes cause an issue to your services, industry, and fiscal outlook. Industry leaders need to understand current trends and be adaptable when things change.

This workshop is for you if you’re interested in being more proactive with regulation, policy, and legal updates.

When you attend this event, you’ll be leaving with tips on how to:

  • Prepare for regulation, policy, and law changes
  • Create “evergreen” operations, products, and services
  • Modify operations more proactively to best align to regulatory changes