Skills 2 Careers

Skills 2 Career




Our nation is facing significant occupational skills gaps and job vacancies, across multiple industries, due to an unskilled employee candidate pool.

Today, the top priority is to generate a skilled workforce pipeline, reinvigorate interest in the trades, as well as, create skills training programs to meet industry demands.

Connections 4 Success is dedicated to upskilling our nation’s workforce with our packaged Skills 2 Careers Program.

The Skills 2 Careers Program allows high school students to:

  • Align their skills and interests to career requirements
  • Gain awareness of occupational growth trends by exploring the Bureau of Labor Statistics projections, job summaries, and career industries
  • Gain up to 120-300 hours of on-the-job skills training during 8-10 week internship placements with businesses
  • Improvement critical thinking, interpersonal, and collaboration skills

The Skills 2 Careers Program allows employers to:

  • Create a workforce pipeline
  • Train future employees with an after-school internship program
  • Invest in early skills development

The Skills 2 Careers Training Program has THREE training components for the Public Sector and Nonprofits, Employers, and Parents/Guardians!

Our Three Programs

Complete Curriculum & Training Program Toolkits


  • Executive Summary and Needs Assessments
  • Implementation Summary
  • Job Search/Alignment Curriculum Modules
  • Student Worksheets
  • Capstone Projects Objectives and Worksheets
  • Complete Employer Toolkit
  • Complete Parent Toolkit
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Employers’ Toolkit


  • Executive Summary and Needs Assessments
  • Step-by-step “How-to-Implement Guide”
  • Supervisor/Intern Checklist
  • Internship Interview Questions
  • Internship Forms, and Surveys
  • Legal Overview and Guidelines
  • Memorandum of Understanding (for job duties/obligations)
  • Capstone Project Overview and Objectives
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Parents/Guardians’ Toolkit


  • Skills 2 Careers Summary Chart
  • “How-to-Start Guide” for career exploration within your home
  • “How-to-Discuss & Research” Guide for continuing education and skills training exploration.
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