Skills 2 Careers

Skills 2 Career

Connections 4 Success (C4S) has continued developing robust and resilient workforce development programs for our region with our Skills 2 Careers Program. The primary purpose of C4S’ Skills 2 Careers Program is to address the significant occupational skills gap across multiple industries affecting our region. This program offers youth and young adults opportunities to learn about professional opportunities, align their interests with career requirements, and gain on-the-job skills training. The Skills 2 Careers curriculum was utilized in 2019 by Literacy For Life, a comprehensive youth internship program designed for African American youths by The Oasis Project of Bible Center Church. The Skills 2 Careers Program will be utilized again in 2021 for two cohorts of the Literacy for Life and Chatham University workforce collaborative. 

Connections 4 Success has a proprietary curriculum and toolkits designed to explore HPO and provide On-site soft skills training and off-site technical skills training methods through internship placements. In addition to having the opportunity to utilize the Skills 2 Careers teaching methodologies, modules, and toolkits, Connections 4 Success will work with the client executive team and partnering employers to customize soft skills trainings needed in today’s workforce.  

Features of our Skills 2 Career Program include:

  • A customized Workforce Development Curriculum designed for high-priority occupation exploration, training, and placement 
  • 10 Highly Customized Soft Skills Training Sessions 
  • 1 Instructor(s) 
  • Placement Resources & Tools 

Connections 4 Success plans to be very intentional in the developing of the soft skills training to help the client make a competitive growth opportunity for participants and all businesses. 

Workforce Development 

  • Workforce Development Implementation Process Apprenticeship Agreements 
  • Workforce Development Agreements w/ Community Partnership  
  • HPO Employers Agreements 
  • Pre-Apprenticeship / Apprenticeship Performance Measurements & Methods 

Connections 4 Success (C4S) will utilize our experience and expertise in developing highly effective and streamlined procedures and processes to build out the client’s workforce development programming and partnership agreements with community agencies, technical skill providers, and employers.  

Creating a systematic approach to doing business and conducting operations will enable the client to increase their performance reporting, accountability, and successful community engagements with reduced staff time on overhead tasks. 

Employee Retention 

  • Prior to placements participants develop professional development plans/goals  
  • Designed strategies, logistics, and methods to increase participant retention 
  • Case management practices 
  • Assistance with barrier remediation 

Connections 4 Success will design and create highly effective participant engagement strategies to prepare them for individual growth, presentation of intentional goals to employers, and employment retention support.    

The client case management strategies will be designed to further help participants with employment barriers, employment transition support, and/or professional development help. These case management strategies will be created as a 12-month engagement post-hire.