Parents/Guardians’ Toolkit

Skills 2 Career

Parents/Guardians’ Toolkit


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The Skills 2 Careers Parent & Guardian Toolkit includes:

  • “How-to-Start Guide” for career exploration within your home
  • “How-to-Discuss & Research” Guide for continuing education exploration

Connections 4 Success understands how important a young adult’s parents and guardians are to their growth and development. Therefore, the Skills 2 Careers Parent & Guardian’s Toolkit was created to continue the career exploration and awareness activities within the home.

The Skills 2 Careers curriculum and training program was created to be a viable option to reduce the skills gap and increase career awareness by forging a partnership across the educational and career industries. This career pathway curriculum and training program not only addresses and resolves the skills deficiency gap among our nation’s students, but it also generates awareness and exploration of career opportunities by creating a realistic, high-impact, project-based learning environment for youth to align their interests, skills, continuing education aspiration to occupations with career openings, and learn direct on-the-job industry training skills.

Skills 2 Careers increases career awareness and closes the nation’s skills gap for 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students by providing:

  • 6–8 weeks of research, exploration, and skills alignment to career occupations activities
  • Up to 160-300 hours of on-the-job industry training internships per year
  • Critical thinking, interpersonal, and collaboration skill building opportunities

Benefits to your organization include:

  • Skills 2 Careers creates a pipeline of career exposure and skilled workers
  • Skills 2 Careers interns bring a fresh perspective, drive to learn, and knowledge of technology innovation
  • A Skills 2 Careers internship program will provide industries with an early opportunity to expose students to skills training and industry acumen
  • Skills 2 Careers interns also provide an opportunity for mid-level staff to mentor