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Leadership vs. Management … Distinct difference or Overlapping qualities?

Leadership vs Management

Leadership vs. Management

Do you know the difference? Are you a leader or a manager?

When reviewing this chart are you thinking, I am both?

Yes! It is possible to possess both qualities and personifications when you have the responsibility of overseeing other personnel at your job. Although, I must warn you there is a distinct difference of how you conduct yourself and communicate with others when being a LEADER vs being a MANAGER.

It all begins with how you envision your team’s abilities and how you communicate to your team. (Notice I said TEAM).

I will start by explaining how you envision your organization/company’s staff. To be a LEADER you look at your personnel as:

  • A TEAM, ones who have the knowledge and ability to be innovative
  • Capable of envisioning new methodologies to reach your company’s bottom line and/or performance measures
  • Valuable for their abilities and intelligence
  • Entrust in your TEAM to have ideas to evolve your organization or company

To be an effective LEADER you practice these key communications and listening skills:

  • Active Listening
  • Open communication

WARNING: You are NOT practicing effective LEADERSHIP qualities, Active Listening, or Open communication by exhibiting the following body language when listening to your TEAM:

  • Are continually looking and browsing your phone, IPad, tablet while others are speaking
  • Shaking your feet in irritation
  • Exhibiting disapproving facial expressions (Examples: Twisting your facial features, Pursing your lips, Rolling your eyes)
  • Speaking to other personnel while someone is talking to you
  • Lastly ….. interrupting

An effective LEADER can evolve from years of development, but majority of the time it is their natural intuitive nature.

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What are thoughts on this topic? I would love to hear your feedback and continue this conversation. Remember, we are ALWAYS learning!