Improved Time Management to Stay on Budget

Improved Time Management to Stay on Budget

17decImproved Time Management to Stay on Budget

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Is your business operating at maximized efficiency? Do you or your employees struggle with time management? Have bad time management skills cost your company money?


If time management is a struggle in your office, the Connected Solutions Training Session “Improved Time Management to Stay on Budget” is for you and your team. Join Connections 4 Success for December’s AEC Industry Insiders where you will be learning some time management tips and habits to implement immediately to increase productivity for the fourth quarter and new year.


When you attend this event, you will be leaving with tips on how to:

  • Prioritize tasks, meetings, and investment time for innovation of company advancements
  • Optimize skills and personalities to assign projects to the right employees
  • Practice time management prioritizing and resource allocation to maximize hours
  • Conduct efficient management, project, and team meetings to reduce wasted time
  • Stop over-scheduling



5:30pm - 7:30pm EST


Monterey Bay Fish Grotto

1411 Grandview Avenue

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