Generational Conflicts in the Workplace

Generational Conflicts in the Workplace

16aprGenerational Conflicts in the Workplace

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This event has been rescheduled for July 16 in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Are generational conflicts in the workplace causing a disruption of efficiency and quality work?

Is management of tasks and leadership of company objectives suffering because of conflicting ideas or lack of engagement?

Have generational conflicts started to cause animosity among co-workers?


If any of these scenarios resonate with you and generational conflicts are causing problems in the workplace, the Connected Solutions Training Session “Generational Conflicts in the Workplace,” is for you.  Join Connections 4 Success for April’s Industry Insiders where we will be discussing conflicts occurring across five generations, learning how to mediate contentions and disruption without losing billable hours, improving upon ways to cultivate shared ideas, improving processes and innovation, and learning how to develop future managers and leaders with mentorship, communication, and training.


When you attend this event, you will be leaving with tips on how to:

  • Bridge the generational gap
  • Encourage your team to work together
  • Leverage the experience of your long-term employees
  • Create mentorship relationships between team members



5:30pm - 7:30pm EST


Monterey Bay Fish Grotto

1411 Grandview Avenue

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