Building a Strong Culture to Recover for 4th Quarter

october, 2020

09octBuilding a Strong Culture to Recover for 4th Quarter


Event Details

Building a recovery playbook requires critical shifts in leadership and employee mindsets. It is about building sustainable processes and procedures, workplace communication strategies, and project management systems that endure change. Building a strong, agile business and culture will establish the opportunity for executive leaders and their businesses to thrive. Investing in a business’s people, processes, and products is essential.

During this Executive Roundtable, we’ll be discussing how resilient leaders must lean in and cultivate:

  • Invested management and creative teams
  • A recovery playbook and long-term strategy of resiliency and sustainability
  • Product and service design to meet the needs of tomorrow not just today
  • Cross-departmental thought leadership and research as fundamental tools for resiliency
  • A dedication to societal and consumer need


9:00am - 10:00am