Aging Workforce Solutions

Aging Workforce Solutions

15octAging Workforce Solutions

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Is an aging workforce threatening your business and operations? Are you struggling to fill key positions in your workforce? Does the loss of knowledge from retiring leaders and managers your business’s sustainability? Do you struggle to recruit talent to fill positions?


If you struggled to answer YES to any or all these questions, the Connected Solutions Training Session “Aging Workforce Solutions” is for you and your business. Join Connections 4 Success for October’s AEC Industry Insiders where we will be discussing and learning solutions to phase out retirees, create internal succession plans for each position, rehire retirees part-time for project oversight, and hiring for soft skills and personality when on-the-job skills can be taught.


When you attend this event, you will be leaving with solutions for your aging workforce by:  

  • Implementing internal succession plans early
  • Launching a “semi-retired” exit strategy and working hours
  • Redrafting your organizational structure to integrate retirees
  • Refocus hiring protocols to prioritize soft skills and personality if job skills can be taught



5:30pm - 7:30pm EST


Monterey Bay Fish Grotto

1411 Grandview Avenue

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