Subcontractor Engagement Prerequisite Package

What is it and why does each organization need these services?

Connections 4 Success has developed a unique diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings series for subcontractors to engage and develop best-practice work ethics and professional engagements. The subcontractor training is an additional layer for organizations to ensure every element of their operations, mindsets, and habits to embody an inclusive work environment better to curb the systemic inequalities and discriminatory unconscious and conscious biases to improve the workplace culture and influence towards change.


Program Outline


During this training subcontractors will learn the organization’s policies on unconscious bias and workplace bullying.

The subcontractors learn how to identify the difference between unconscious bias and conscious bias. Reporting procedures will be reviewed on how to report all witnessed and perceived workplace biases and bullying.

Subcontractors will learn what unconscious bias and workplace bullying looks like by engaging in role-play and scenario acting to understand and recognize the impact a tone of voice, body language, and words have on others.

The purpose of this training is to demonstrate the emotional response and the impact these disrespectful acts of unethical professional behavior and discrimination has on others and daily operations.

Session 1 takeaways:

  • Awareness of bias and workplace bullying policies and reporting protocols
  • Recognition of unconscious bias, conscious bias, and workplace bullying
  • Awareness of how to practice ethical professional behavior to foster positive engagements and long-term relationships.


During this training our Connections 4 Success team will work with Diversity & Inclusion teams to train and educate MWVDBE, HUD Zone, 8(a), and diversity classification firms on proper communication, reporting, and working protocols aligned with organizations’ diverse supplier initiatives, organizational purpose, and standard operating procedures.

Connections 4 Success will work with your subcontractors to create standards of operations for communication, reporting, contingency plans, and accountability plans.

We will train subcontractors on how to respect and align work ethics and operational philosophies to the organization’s purpose and output standards.

Session 2 takeaways:

  • Capability to create standard operational procedures and tactics aligned with the organization or prime contractor’s
  • Work ethic alignment
  • Workplace culture awareness