Leadership & Management Training Series

What is it and why does each organization need these services?

Connections 4 Success has developed a unique combination of a leadership and management trainings series with an added layer of executive leader development to educate for change, create action, and implement response and tools to drive transformational shifts in operational practices and mindsets.

Each of our executive leadership development modules will be customized to align with your organization’s mission, purpose, core values. It is our goal to engage in a partnership with your leadership to develop long-term influence to curb the systemic inequalities and discriminatory unconscious and conscious biases to improve your workplace culture and influence change.

Program Outline


During the Recognition and Resolution training, leadership and management will learn how to identify and address inequities and discrimination by practicing the following recognition techniques: Observation, data analysis, and reporting.

Leaders and managers will learn how to identify inequities, biases, and discrimination and will learn to create policy modification and organizational transformation implementation techniques.

Your team will practice, learn, and gain the tools to change workplace culture, habits, and interactions, additionally, leaders and managers will learn how to resolve inequities to motivate professional work ethics and operational adoption of respect, understanding, and appreciation of differences.

Session 1 Takeaways

  • Adopt and practice marginalization recognition techniques.
  • Learn how to empathetically engage in discussions and responses to influence and motivate resolutions in positive and impactful manner.
  • Create policies, tactics, and workplace habits of cohesion, inclusivity, and respect.
  • Stronger awareness of lasting harmful effects of implicit bias and discrimination.

During this training, leadership and management will learn to anticipate problems before they arise.

By developing appropriate policies, processes, and procedures, leadership can set in place preventative measures and create proactive responses to reduce the likelihood that employees will be put into the uncomfortable position of coping with the results of inequities or discrimination.

The goal of this training is to help leaders and managers to create mindset shifts, establish polices, processes and procedures for long-term solutions to differences through respectful environments and structured conversations, plan or ad-hoc idea sharing convenings where collectively the team addresses differences, and help find solutions reflective of the collective groups ideas.

Session 2 Takeaways:

  • Awareness and comprehension of where prejudices stem from
  • Understanding of the difference between reactive response and proactive policy
  • Create policies and guidelines for inclusive idea generating and sharing
  • Ability to demonstrate and teach the techniques of reflective listening

Too often, discriminatory actions take place with unconscious biases or direct workplace bullying. During this training, leadership and management will be immersed in scenario building to demonstrate emotional response and the impact of these disrespectful acts of unethical behavior and discrimination in a professional environment.

This training focuses on scenarios and impact from the bully’s, victim’s, and bystander’s perspectives. Leaders and managers will participate in role-play scenarios to feel the emotional response to an inappropriate eye roll, comment, or gesture. These experiences will be used as a platform to develop educational experiences for team members on cultural diversity, race, and gender differences.

Session 3 takeaways:

  • Capability to counteract and eliminate nonverbal and verbal degradation and discrimination
  • Development of detection for unconscious biases
  • Create a company culture of conscious awareness and respect
  • Strong awareness of emotional response and negative impact each has on personal development and organizational success

Inclusion can only begin with a purposeful mindset to collectively enact change by implementing appropriate policies and encouraging opportunities!

In this training leaders and management will learn how to open their minds to remove preconceived notions of the structures, positions, opportunities, and ideas of individuals different from themselves.

Leaders and managers will learn to think, conceptualize, and plan for how something will work based on capabilities, knowledge, skills, professional traits, creative and critical thought.

Your team will learn how to become proactive in creating organizational cultures and purposes that attract diversity. Leaders and managers will learn how to foster new and various ideas and methodologies that work best for the organization’s purpose and outputs.

Session 4 takeaways:

  • Recognition of disproportionate PR and recruitment and management efforts
  • Create proactive organizational shifts to diversify talent attraction
  • Strategic approaches to hire, train, promote, and lead for innovation and sustainability
    Overhaul misdirected perceptions with open-mindsets for growth