Connections 4 Success announces the launch of Connected Solutions Nonprofit Academy | Connections 4 Success

Connections 4 Success announces the launch of Connected Solutions Nonprofit Academy

Connected Solutions

The Connected Solutions Training Series was designed to highlight common pain points within the business world. These pain points are commonly seen amongst executives and administrators. The series exists to help provide solutions that can be immediately implemented to ease the difficulties of these pain points while running an organization.

More Solutions

Connections 4 Success is pleased to announce the Connected Solutions Training Series is expanding. We are launching Connected Solutions Nonprofit Academy beginning in 2019. We know that there are pain points specific to running a nonprofit and creating a community impact. That’s why we created the Connected Solutions Nonprofit Academy.

Connected Solutions Nonprofit Academy

Maybe you’re just starting a nonprofit. Or maybe you’ve been a nonprofit executive for years but commonly find your organization facing common theme pain points year after year. Leading a nonprofit has both its challenges and rewards. Connected Solutions Academy will be addressing these pain points:

  • Sustainability and relevance
  • Limited resources
  • Regulations and laws
  • Technology and software

The Connected Solutions Nonprofit Academy will be held regularly over a lunch every other month.

First Event

We’re pleased to announce that the first event for Connected Solutions Nonprofit Academy is scheduled for February 2019. It is an opportunity to enjoy a lunch, network with other nonprofit executives, and hear solutions for a common pain points felt inside the nonprofit industry.

The first topic for February’s event is Retaining and Engaging Donors. Visit our Connected Solutions events page in January for more details on this event.

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