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Connected Solutions Lunch & Learn for AEC Leaders

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Navigating the Technology Era

The next event in the Lunch and Learn for AEC Leaders is almost here!

On January 17, 2019, Connections 4 Success will be presenting Navigating the Technology Era. In this Connected Solutions Training Event, attendees will learn how to:

  • Stay competitive in the trades and skilled-labor industries,
  • Realign rather than displace staff, and
  • Maximize billable hours with technology.

Changing regulations and integrations regarding technology in your industry are happening. Every AEC Leader will have to cope with changes to regulations and technology regularly throughout the years. It is vital for AEC Leaders to learn to work with these changes to stay competitive in the AEC industry. If you’ve ever felt that technology was moving faster than you can keep up, you’re not alone. This Lunch and Learn event will help you be prepared to be successful with those technologies.


Lunch and Learn for AEC Leaders

The Lunch and Learn series was designed as part of Connected Solutions by Connections 4 Success. It is an opportunity for AEC leaders to come together to network and join in on industry conversations. Vanessa Dodds of Connections 4 Success is a Pittsburgh based AEC Business Consultant. She will be there to guide the conversations along and to solve problems with solutions to implement immediately.

First Commonwealth Bank was instrumental in helping us be successful at our first Lunch and Learn event last November when we presented Recruit, Retain, Reinvigorate Talent for Sustainability. We are looking forward to another successful Lunch and Learn thanks to generous sponsorship from AerdiA and The Wilson Group.


Stay Tuned!

The Connected Solutions series will have many opportunities to provide you with the solutions you need for your company to be successful. The upcoming Lunch and Learn for AEC Leaders is one of many in our series designed to help you stay competitive. Visit the Contact Page and connect with us to discover how Connections 4 Success can help you.