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Cadnetics is a 25-year established CAD/BIM expert and technology company offering As-Built Surveys, CAD Support, BIM Models, as well as, the Coordination and 3D Renderings and Animation services to the AEC industry for fabrication, construction, and design.



Cadnetics is poised to expand their operations to a franchise business model by 2019. In order to expand, their CEO identified the need for organizational restructuring, an organizational structure growth plan, business alignment, updated standard operating procedures and business process, as well as, clearly defined accountability measures to ensure operational deadlines were maintained.



Connections 4 Success conducted a needs analysis meeting with the executive team to structure an action plan for operational growth and sustainability. The project’s phase 1 focus was to design a sustainable organizational structure for 2018 with an operational growth plan throughout 2023. Connections 4 Success created executive standard operating procedures and processes and a redefined organizational structure focused on skills, roles, and responsibilities to increase Cadnetics business alignment accountability, and departmental communication.


Connections 4 Success Services Used:

  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Standard Operating Procedures and Business Process
  • Business Alignment and Accountability



Cadnetics, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, is positioned to expand their 25-year CAD/BIM service model to a national and international franchising business model, allowing the expansion of Cadnetics’ brand, servicing volume, and national/international reach.

“Leadership initiative and accountability is improving due to Vanessa’s services and restructuring of our organizational responsibilities and accountability measures.” – Billie Mauler, Controller & Vice President of Finance, Cadnetics


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