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Bridger Financial Group provides financial and investment advice to help business owners organize and prioritize their financial lives. Their process is to understand, organize and analyze the components of one’s financial life. Bridger Financial Group looks collectively across all of a business owner’s existing protection, savings and growth vehicles provides a more complete picture of your current financial picture. The Bridger Financial Group’s process helps give people a better understanding of why certain plans and strategies are recommended, and lays the
foundation for future financial success.



Bridger Financial Group was struggling to maintain skilled front-line team members capable of working independently to advance Bridger Financial Group’s mission and meet the president’s needs.



Connections 4 Success conducted a needs analysis and desk review to determine what was causing the turn-over of the two administrative assistant position and the disconnect of required tasks to met objectives. Connections 4 Success redesigned the job responsibilities and accountability for the two administrative assistants enabling them to take full ownership of their tasks, in addition to, separating their oversight and customer service tasks according to specific investment or life insurance portfolios rather than a mix of both. We created a new employee 1- week intensive onboarding and 30 | 60 | 90-day professional development curriculum for each employee to be integrated into the team more thoroughly and advance their skills to increase performance.


Connections 4 Success Services Used:

  • Needs Analysis and Desk Review Assessment
  • Onboarding Curriculum
  • Professional Development Procedures
  • Standard Operating Procedures



Bridger Financial Group has been able to onboard a new life insurance administrative assistant, train their existing administrative assistant to take full ownership of the investment portfolio, promote their marketing director to a full-time financial adviser after supporting her career training, and onboard a new marketing director to the Bridger Financial Group team.


“I recently worked with Vanessa to create an onboarding and training curriculum for new staff. This was an area of frustration for me in the past given the amount of time it would take away from my day-to-day activities. Vanessa was able to create a curriculum that conveys clearly the message I want each staff member to communicate. Vanessa addressed every aspect that I believe was needed to help the staff provide an exceptional client experience. I am so pleased and happy with the end product!” – Melanie Colusci, President, Bridger Financial Group


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