Connections 4 Success Presents at SMPS Pittsburgh

Join Vanessa Dodds, Connections 4 Success’ president as she presents at February 27th’s SMPS-AEC breakfast training at the Masters Builders Association.   Creating Viable Outcomes…

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3 Tips for Nonprofit Agencies Concerned About a Decrease in Giving

With the partial government shutdown lingering well into 2019, 7,000 local employees losing a second paycheck, philanthropic contributions are guaranteed to take a hit even…

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The Lingering Partial Government Shutdown Causes Concern for Local Nonprofit Charitable Giving and Financial Sustainability for 2019

In 2018, the nonprofit sector in the region saw over an 11%increase in funding contributions from 2017 during the Give Big Pittsburgh campaign. Experts attribute…

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Top 8 Must-Do Tasks to Maintain Business Sustainability

Are you struggling to maintain your sustainability? Maybe you’re not meeting your financial goals. Or, perhaps your products or services aren’t selling the way you…

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AEC Leaders Lunch & Learn

Connected Solutions Lunch & Learn for AEC Leaders

The Connected Solutions Training Series highlights common pain points occurring within the trades industry and provides practical solutions to implement immediately. It was created for…

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Investing in Your Business’s Assets

To improve workplace culture, productivity, goals, and sustainability business owners, presidents/chief executive officers, vice presidents/chief operating officers should be investing in the following key business…

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Strategic Pitfalls Affecting Business Owners’ Long-term Sustainability

There are five primary strategic pitfalls business owners overlook or take for grant when looking to obtain long-term sustainability for their businesses. These are: Business…

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Strategies to Accelerate success in 2018


As business leaders, we are always looking for ways to accelerate success, increase our business’s competitive advantage, be innovative in accordance to technological trends, maintain…

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Interview on TechVibe Radio

Connections 4 Success LIVE on TechVibe Radio!

Curious as to what we do? Listen to us LIVE on TechVibe Radio! Call us for a free consultation today.

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