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Attract the Right Talent to Your Business

The looming worker shortage in the Pittsburgh area is a guaranteed concern for local business owners. Open positions need to be filled with the right people to ensure sustainability within the business. Going out and finding people can be costly, so it’s worth considering how to attract workers in a way that they come to you looking for a job.

So, how do you, a business owner or executive, go about attracting the right talent? What is it that young people are looking for when they enter the workforce? The answer is in the fundamental business elements of your organization.

Connections 4 Success has determined five operational elements to promote in order to attract a talented workforce. These operational procedures should already be a part of your business. You will attract the right talent if you can make these pre-existing elements a prominent feature in your daily activities and in your active recruitment of workers.

Have a Meaningful Business.

Your business should be focused on making positive changes within your industry. The community in which you run your business and organization needs to feel as if you are making a difference. Young workers will be drawn to companies that they believe in. They want to work for organizations that they can support and be proud to be a part of.

Provide Quality Products and Services.

Methods need to be in place to ensure that the products you produce and sell or the services you offer always are offered at the highest quality they can be. Potential employees, especially younger ones, will depend on these methods while working and gaining experience. A high quality will also boost the next element we’re discussing.

Have a Good Reputation.

While quality products and services will serve you well for developing a good reputation, good customer service and your ability to stand out as an industry leader will also serve you well. Your reputation will always precede you. Workers will be attracted to your company if they can say they’ve heard of you before, especially if what they’ve heard has been positive.

Offer Great Benefits.

It’s limiting to think of benefits only in the capacity of health insurance and bonuses. While those are important to the employee, there are other ways to make your company look attractive, as well. Consider the importance of providing everything an employee needs at a workstation or in an office in order to successfully complete tasks. Also consider offering work flexibility for employees. Millennials are very concerned about their work-life balance. They’re not as interested in working themselves to the bone the way workers of past generations were willing to.

Be Innovative.

If you are going to survive in the business world, you must advance along with the industry in which you work. If you want to attract talented workers, your company must be focused on the future. Potential employees will want to know about the sustainability of your business because they want to know the job opportunity is secure. By innovating, not only will you appear to be an industry leader, but you’ll provide potential employees an opportunity to be in a position at the top of the industry.

For more information on the five operational elements to help you attract the right talent to your business, check out Vanessa’s vlog on YouTube.

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