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3 Tips for Nonprofit Agencies Concerned About a Decrease in Giving

With the partial government shutdown lingering well into 2019, 7,000 local employees losing a second paycheck, philanthropic contributions are guaranteed to take a hit even when retroactive pay is issued. Many local businesses and individuals will shift their focus toward financial stability.

If you’re a non-profit agency, here are three things you can do right now to protect future giving:


  • Communicate the Nonprofit’s Impact with Data


Nonprofits need to be able to prove their impact. The short and long-term change their services provide the community and individuals they serve. There are a few ways an executive leadership can communicate their nonprofit’s effectiveness, with statistical data, case studies, and success stories.

Foundations and philanthropic donors are looking to invest in nonprofits who make a difference.


  • Diversify Funding Portfolios


Nonprofits need always to be diversifying their funding portfolios to secure their long-term sustainable operations. When a nonprofit, has multiple funding streams the loss of one isn’t as devastating to their immediate organizational operations, allowing for time to acquire new funding resources and donations.


  • Beneficial Collaborations


Advantageous partnerships allow nonprofits to share resources and save costs while increasing their impact and service footprint. Collaborations are very attractive to foundations and donors because it shows the nonprofits are working towards a greater good rather competitive advantage to create change within their communities and for those they serve.


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