Who We Are

Connections 4 Success is an award-winning WBENC certified WBE/WOSB and WDBE/SBE business management and development consulting firm providing business strategies, organizational training programs, diversity, equity, and inclusion services, and workforce development solutions for today's corporate, middle market, public sector, small business, and not-for-profit industries.

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What We Offer

We offer business solutions and workforce development to ACCELERATE SUCCESSTM by:

  • Clarifying undefined business operations and models resulting from unprecedented growth, business industry disruptions, or shifting demands.
  • Correcting inefficient processes and procedures which hinder growth, project completion, and business relevance.
  • Establishing streamlined processes and procedures that reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve operations.
  • Eliminating unmet goals and incomplete projects by aligning or designing proper systems, tools, operational structure, and oversight.
  • Remedying the lack of employee accountability to meet demands by improving communication strategies, operational hand-offs, and workplace culture.
  • Correcting misalignments between processes, metrics, skills development, and accountability to serve the mission and industry objectives of the organization.
  • Stabilizing business volatility resulting from an untrained workforce and unprepared management.
  • Establishing purposeful business practices and mindsets of diversity, equity, and inclusion with leadership, management, team development, and policy reform.

What People Are Saying

Vanessa is one of the most thorough, structured, and decisive professionals that we've ever partnered with at Steel Smiling. Without her strategic guidance, our operational infrastructure wouldn't be nearly as strong as it is today. If you're looking to build processes and procedures that will take your organization to the next level, hire Connections 4 Success right now.
- Julius Boatwright, Founding CEO, Steel Smiling
Pittsburgh, PA
On behalf of the team at Davis Consulting Solutions (DCS), I would like to thank you Connections 4 Success for assisting with the Community2work (C2W)® program processes and strategic plan. Several DCS team members have expressed how much clearer their individual roles are as well as the C2W operational processes. As president and CEO, I was particularly pleased to work with another woman owned enterprise (WBE) that aligns with our mission statement concerning small businesses and talent management. The completion of a solid plan for both the C2W program and its future strategic goals positions Davis Consulting Solutions to focus on execution.
- Danielle Davis, President and CEO, Davis Consulting Solutions
Pittsburgh, PA
I brought Vanessa in because I needed an outside person to come in with an unbiased opinion to analyze and evaluate what we could do better. Her outside business expertise gave us a fresh look at how we could do things because we're looking for National growth over the next 10 years so we're trying to get all of our processes and procedures down right now. Vanessa is very organized I think she brings in the expertise to analyze that most owners and managers don't think of in a company, which was huge.
- James Mauler, Chief Executive Officer, Cadnetics
Pittsburgh, PA

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